Ther-A-Play Products provides tools for Parents,Therapists, Educators, School Counselors and other Health Care Providers to help create the best life possible. Featuring Sandplay Figures, Dolls, Dollhouses and Dollhouse Furnishings, and we now have hand crafted items in our Municipal Buildings and Stores such as Courtrooms and Jails. You will also find Games, and books to help get through many of life's challenges including books on Abuse, books to help with Lifestyle and Parenting such as Divorce and Remarriage, Adoption and many Parenting Issues including Moving or a Parent in Prison. There are also manuals and professional guides for therapists and other health care professionals who use Play Therapy to communicate and heal. We used to exhibit at Educational Conferences and we still have books for Educators, some with Curiculm for programs that deal with these Issues. There are items for Mental Health Professionals only, but most are fun and/or helpful for everyone.


Animals enhance our life and our world. Find everything from the tiniest creatures to Wooly Rhinos.

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Safari Mini Insects-4 Asst
Product ID : M1000:GSL342000
Unit Price: $2.25
1 Each Mini Bumble Bee, Ladybug, Ant and Butterfly
Safari Mini Ladybugs-3 Pack
Product ID : M1000:SL340122
Unit Price: $1.75
Schleich Children's Zoo Scenery Pack
Product ID : M1000:SH41814
Unit Price: $22.75
Safari Mini Dragons & T-Rex 3 Asst
Product ID : M1000:GSL340720
Unit Price: $1.50
1 Each Mini Red Chinese Dragon, Purple Dragon and T-Rex
Safari Toob Petting Zoo
Product ID : M1000:SL683704
Unit Price: $10.75
In addition to the cute animals the girl and boy are a welcome addition to...
Wild Repubic Wild Cats 12 inch Tube
Product ID : M1000:KM63506
Unit Price: $8.00
Papo Joan of Arc's Horse
Product ID : M1000:HI39722
Unit Price: $4.25
Safari Arctic Fox
Product ID : M1000:SL282329
Unit Price: $3.00
Fur Coat Keeps Him Warm and Hidden in the Snow.
Safari Mini Elephants 3 Pack
Product ID : M1000:SL340222
Unit Price: $1.50
Papo Napoleon's Horse
Product ID : M1000:HI39726
Unit Price: $5.25
Safari Mini T-Rex 3 Pack
Product ID : M1000:SL340822
Unit Price: $1.50
Everyone has heard of T-Rex.
Safari Mini Clown Fish 3 Pack
Product ID : M1000:SL341422
Unit Price: $1.75
Safari Mini Bats 3 pack
Product ID : M1000:SL343522
Unit Price: $1.75
Safari Mini Rabbits 3 Pack
Product ID : M1000:SL345422
Unit Price: $1.75
Safari Mini Bantam Hen 3 Pack
Product ID : M1000:SL345722
Unit Price: $1.75
Safari Mini Bald Eagles 3 Pack
Product ID : M1000:SL346122
Unit Price: $1.75
Safari Mini Wolf Cub 3 Pack
Product ID : M1000:SL341622
Unit Price: $1.75
How Cute are these Wolf Cubs?
Safari Mini Roosters 3 Pack
Product ID : M1000:SL347622
Unit Price: $1.75
Bully Hedgehog
Product ID : M1000:BU64401
Unit Price: $2.00
Bully Skunk
Product ID : M1000:BU64409
Unit Price: $2.00
Safari Minis Fun Pack 8 Asst
Product ID : M1000:SL344522
Unit Price: $4.50
1 Each Mini Frog, Puffer Fish, Hermit Crab, Butterfly, Ladybug, Pig, Panda...
Safari Minis GITD Fun Pack 8 Asst
Product ID : M1000:SL346622
Unit Price: $6.00
I Each Mini Glow in the Dark Bee, Ladybug, Ant,Bat, Puffer Fish, Star Fish,...
Playmobil Gorilla
Product ID : M1000:PM3039
Unit Price: $4.50
Monkeys and Lemurs-6 Asst
Product ID : M1000:AC11403
Unit Price: $1.50
Horses-Small 2 Asst.
Product ID : M1000:TS756
Unit Price: $0.50
2.5 Inch Horses to Add to your mini collection.
Safari Cobra Hatching
Product ID : M1000:SL258529
Unit Price: $4.00
Our figure is about 3.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall.
Safari Mini Snakes 3 Pack
Product ID : M1000:SL344722
Unit Price: $1.75