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Safari Flamingo
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Manufacturer: Safari Ltd
Price: $4.00
Product ID : M1000:SL239929
Weight: 0.10 lbs



Safari Flamingo

Our bright pink Flamingo must be well fed. The color comes from the Plankton they eat. They also feed on Blue Algae. Flamingos often stand on one leg but our replica is standing on both legs. Flamingo pairs establish and defend nesting territories and share in the parenting including feeding with crop milk they produce. They form strong bonds with their mates but in large colonies sometimes switch. The chicks hatch with greyish reddish plumage.

This tall Flamingo replica is about 3.25 inches tall and 2.25 inches from tail to beak. The webbed feet stand an a blue platform representing water.

All of our Safari products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested

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