Ther-A-Play Products provides tools for Parents,Therapists, Educators, School Counselors and other Health Care Providers to help create the best life possible. Featuring Sandplay Figures, Dolls, Dollhouses and Dollhouse Furnishings, and we now have hand crafted items in our Municipal Buildings and Stores such as Courtrooms and Jails. You will also find Games, and books to help get through many of life's challenges including books on Abuse, books to help with Lifestyle and Parenting such as Divorce and Remarriage, Adoption and many Parenting Issues including Moving or a Parent in Prison. There are also manuals and professional guides for therapists and other health care professionals who use Play Therapy to communicate and heal. We used to exhibit at Educational Conferences and we still have books for Educators, some with Curiculm for programs that deal with these Issues. There are items for Mental Health Professionals only, but most are fun and/or helpful for everyone.


Children's books mostly deal with issues although a few are just for fun. Some books for Education and Professional books dealing with Play Therapy. Many of our books have been on the shelf for a while and a few have newer additions available, but they all still have good information, offered at a reduced price. In this challenging economy, it may be a way to add some resources at an affordable price. Most are still in really good condition, while a few have done some traveling. We make every effort to make a note of any damage in our descriptions.

A New Beginning:Foster Family Activity Book with Reproducible Activity Sheets
Product ID : B1000:BP760SET
Unit Price: $19.95
With reproducible activity pages.
Glad To Be Me
Product ID : B1000:BP26-4
Unit Price: $4.95
The counselor helps Luis discover ways to feel good about himself
Three Friends
Product ID : B1000:BP779
Unit Price: $4.95
Three Friends explores friendship skills, racial discrimination and...
Time For Horatio
Product ID : B1000:B1200:AP5336
Unit Price: $14.95
Invites young readers to envision a society in which peace and harmony...
Are You Sad Too? Helping Children Deal With Loss and Death
Product ID : B1000:ET0568
Unit Price: $17.95
Teachers and parents can help children learn about life by teaching about death.
Art Therapy With Families In Crisis
Product ID : B1000:B1200:BM6385
Unit Price: $25.95
Overcoming Resistance Through Nonverbal Expression
Breathe Easy! Young People's Guide To Asthma
Product ID : B1000:MP4622
Unit Price: $9.95
Teaching new techniques to control asthma children will no longer be afraid...
Changes:A Women's Journal
Product ID : B1000:B1200:AP5409
Unit Price: $18.95
Offers women of today an opportunity to learn strategies to face changes.
Especially For Parents
Product ID : B1000:AK550
Unit Price: $2.50
Practical guidance for parents whose children have experienced the trauma of...
Every Session Counts
Product ID : B1000:IP6887
Unit Price: $9.95
This concise handbook allows patient and therapist to make the most of...
Father Gander Nursery Rhymes
Product ID : B1000:B1200:AP5123
Unit Price: $12.95
Father Gander has rewritten Mother Goose with sensitivity and social...
Finders Keepers
Product ID : B1000:PP0386
Unit Price: $4.95
What should Tyrone and his friend Jerry do when they find a wallet with money?
First Day Blues
Product ID : B1000:PP0726
Unit Price: $4.95
Guides children through the trauma of changing schools and facing strange...
Grounded for Life?!
Product ID : B1000:PP0955
Unit Price: $14.95
Tracy offers a process for parenting that helps distinguish the important...
How to Win as a Step Family 2nd Edition
Product ID : B1000:BM6490
Unit Price: $14.95
The authors address ways to deal with those nagging issues in Step Families.
I Can't Sit Still:Educating and Affirming Inattentive and Hyperactive Children
Product ID : B1000:ET0560
Unit Price: $17.95
A trusted pediatrician provides a method for replacing negative feelings with...
Little Tree
Product ID : B1000:MP4517
Unit Price: $8.95
Children understand the sensitive, yet powerful message of comfort and healing.
No Place To Be
Product ID : B1000:WF3503
Unit Price: $14.95
Experiences of children in homeless families living in shelters and welfare...
Rational Couns W/School Age Children
Product ID : B1000:AD0408
Unit Price: $12.95
Presents an analysis of Rational Emotive Therapy (RET).
Smiling At Yourself:EducatingYoung Children About Stress and Self-Esteem
Product ID : B1000:ET0506
Unit Price: $17.95
Several problem-solving methods to assist teaching children to like...
Something Is Wrong at My House
Product ID : B1000:PP0106
Unit Price: $5.95
Children in violent homes are encouraged express common feelings of fear,...
Under Whose Influence?The Decision is Yours Series
Product ID : B1000:PP0971
Unit Price: $5.95
Jaime is uncomfortable when her two new friends pressure her to try drinking...
When You're Ready
Product ID : B1000:LP0540
Unit Price: $9.95
The author describes the impact of being physically and sexually abused by...
Aaron Goes to Shelter
Product ID : B1000:KR1303
Unit Price: $5.95
Written in both English and Spanish to help guide children through the...
Acting For Real: Drama Therapy
Product ID : B1000:BM7306
Unit Price: $24.95
Provides an integrative framework for the practice of drama therapy.
All My Feelings At Home: Ellie's Day
Product ID : B1000:PP0440
Unit Price: $7.95
Encourages and models talking about and expressing feelings.
Bereavement Support Leader Manual
Product ID : B1000:AD0114
Unit Price: $10.95
This leader Manual is a Bereavement Support Group Program for Children.
Challenges:A Young Man
Product ID : B1000:AP5247
Unit Price: $18.95
Written for young men 14 through 20 years of age.
Embodying Healing
Product ID : B1000:SSPS019
Unit Price: $15.00
The authors make a strong case for the importance of bodywork in healing from...
Especially For Parents Of Adolescents
Product ID : B1000:AKO512
Unit Price: $3.95
For parents of teens who have experienced sexual assault abuse.
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