Ther-A-Play Products provides tools for Parents,Therapists, Educators, School Counselors and other Health Care Providers to help create the best life possible. Featuring Sandplay Figures, Dolls, Dollhouses and Dollhouse Furnishings, and we now have hand crafted items in our Municipal Buildings and Stores such as Courtrooms and Jails. You will also find Games, and books to help get through many of life's challenges including books on Abuse, books to help with Lifestyle and Parenting such as Divorce and Remarriage, Adoption and many Parenting Issues including Moving or a Parent in Prison. There are also manuals and professional guides for therapists and other health care professionals who use Play Therapy to communicate and heal. We used to exhibit at Educational Conferences and we still have books for Educators, some with Curiculm for programs that deal with these Issues. There are items for Mental Health Professionals only, but most are fun and/or helpful for everyone.


Find your favorite dog or kitty cat or maybe something more exotic. Several to choose from. 

Safari German Shepherd w/Pups
Unit Price: $5.00
Mom nursing her pups.
Safari Toob Petting Zoo
Unit Price: $10.75
In addition to the cute animals the girl and boy are a welcome addition to...
Schleich Azrael
Unit Price: $4.50
Always looking for trouble. Let Azrael make your life interesting.
Safari Amazon Parrot
Unit Price: $3.00
So popular as a pet, they are threatened in the wild.
Cats-2 Asst
Unit Price: $0.75
Hood Hounds-Set of 4
Unit Price: $6.00
Dogs with an attitude.
Hood Hounds-Set of 4
Unit Price: $6.00
More Dogs with an Attitude
Schleich Children's Zoo Scenery Pack
Unit Price: $22.75
Safari Mini Rabbits 3 Pack
Unit Price: $1.75
Safari Mini Snakes 3 Pack
Unit Price: $1.75